Games of Foam

We have Star Wars represented now we have NERF Wars…

* They organise a variety of different NERF wars across the south east 
* They have had epic NERF wars in shopping malls, skate parks, sports halls, schools, forts and even caves
* Their venues keep growing taking nerf to a variety of places. 
* These events are for the while family so even the bigger kids can get involved.

Not only do they host events and parties, hey also set up different activities for a variety of functions. 
This is from a simple NERF target range or a moving simulation target range. They also set up a photo booth using a variety of cool blasters for you to take an amazing action snap shot

Make sure to bring your blaster and see if you can NERF with the pros…

Age 7 +



The Festival of Cosplay will feature competitions at the end of each day in the amphitheatre where judges will select

Best Under 15, Most Original, Best Makeup, Doctor Who Cosplayer of the Year and  Best Overall. Judges to be announced in due course...

Tag Commander is the latest generation of technologically advanced Lasertag.

Players/participants need to complete a course tagging the storm troopers who are shooting back. At the end of the of the hour the player who has completed the course with the best time and least penalties will win a prize.

On the day you can expect lots shoot-em up action using our Raptor 2S Marker. These Markers fire beams of harmless infra-red signals, at no point is any physical contact made so players may tag their opponents happy in the knowledge they are not hurting anyone.

Score points by tagging other players but avoid getting RIPT yourself! (Rest In Peace Tagger) #FanTCCon

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