Tickets availabe now. Click here 

We have support from the Party Shop in Shanklin and Heroes in Newport. They will be providing popcorn, balloons and more...

We have K-9, Davros and at least 2 Daleks attending thanks to Antony Griffiths and VeeJay Clarke; the Lord of Time mini Doctor Who con with more exciting things to follow in that regards

Big 'N' Bold Solutions will be our sound guru at the event

Isle of Wight Face Painting will be doing their amazing stuff

A veiwing tent for Doctor Who fans to sit, relax and watch some of their favourite show.


We are delighted to be able to announce our first guest for Fan TC Con. Talented and successful illustrator, Alister Pearson.

Alister has been a professional artist for 35 years, specialising in Doctor Who he has provided the cover artwork for hundreds of BBC Videos and Target novelisations.

His is probably the best known illustrations of Doctor Who’s iconic characters and stories and we are very excited to have him on board.


Ben Shoveller has a vast array of experience presenting live radio. Beginning at Wey Valley Radio in 1994 he has gone on to work at Channel 103 in Jersey.

He also worked for Win FM in Winchester, Kick FM, Kestrel FM and The Quay.

In April 2004 Ben joined the team at Southampton FC’s own radio station at St Mary’s Stadium.

At The Saint he presented the drive time show and produced programmes for Premier League footballers James Beattie and David Prutton. Prutton is now a sports presenter on Sky TV. He anchored the post match phone in alongside Saints, Chelsea and England legend Peter Osgood.

While at Southampton FC, Ben would host the match day entertainment in the supporter’s club, interviewing players past and present.

After The Saint closed he went on to work at as Programme Controller/Presenter at Time 106.6 in Slough.

He went on to present the breakfast show at Brunel FM in Swindon in 2009.

In 2012 Ben joined Ladbrokes as a producer, presenter and voiceover artist.

Ben rejoined Time 106.6 in 2015 as head of music and hosted the afternoon show. He has since worked at Vienna International Radio and Atom Radio.

Over the last 9 years Ben has also helped to create the ambience that is now the norm at The 20MB Doctor Who Podcast, co-presenting with Fan TC Con show runner and podcast producer, Adam Pearson.

Ben is a natural entertainer and doesn’t even know that star-up comedy is just around the corner. We are delighted to be able to have him as our stage host at Fan TC Con.


Jo Lofthouse is an award winning freelance make up artist with over 17 years experience in the field.

From being a small child, Jo developed a very keen interest and love for make up. Her thirteen year career as a professional dancer taught her many techniques and styles of make up, developing her knowledge of products and application methods.

After retiring as a professional dancer, Jo worked and trained extensively in the make up industry, working for numerous high-end international make up and skin care brands. She went on to reach the semi finals in the National Supreme Consultant of the Year Awards 2002, and was nominated for the Lancôme UK Golden Rose Award. Jo was extremely proud to win the Guerlain UK Prix D'or Consultant of the Year Award in 2007.

Having completed comprehensive training in bridal, creative, vintage and special occasion make up along with face and body painting, Jo set up as a freelance make up artist after moving to the Isle of Wight in 2010. She now provides an Islandwide professional make up service, specialising in make up for weddings and special occasions.

For a small (for charity) fee Jo and her fellow Team Unicorn face painters will transform you. Glitter beards are particularly popular at the moment.


We are thrilled to be able to announce Andrew Smith as our guest at Fan TC Con.
Andrew is a writer who wrote the Doctor Who story Full Circle from season 18. (The story that introduced Adric) 
At the time of initial broadcast, he was the youngest writer to contribute to the TV series. Smith submitted his work to a number of Doctor Who script editors. They replied with "positive criticism". Finally he sent The Planet that Slept. This became Full Circle.
Smith was approached by Big Finish and displayed interest in writing for them. Because he had started the trilogy with Full Circle, they asked him to write a Companion Chronicles story set in E-Space. The Invasion of E-Space was released in October 2010.
He has continued to write great stories for Big Finish.
Andrew is an inspiration to any young writers so come along and have a chat with him.


We are very excited to able to announce that the talented writer, Robert Shearman is coming to Fan TC Con. He was one of the writers for the BAFTA award winning first series of the revived Doctor Who series starring Christopher Eccleston. His episode, ‘Dalek’, was runner-up for a Hugo Award, and his award winning contributions to the audio range of Doctor Who released by Big Finish have been broadcast on BBC Radio. He also contributed to the second series of BBC1’s Born and Bred. His many plays for 
Radio Four, produced by Martin Jarvis, include Inappropriate Behaviour, Afternoons with Roger, Forever Mine, Towards the End of the Morning, Teacher’s Pet and Odd.


Rebels beware! We have a special garrison prowling Fan TC Con. The island’s own Imperial army are on their way.

We are delighted to welcome our favourites the Isle of Wight Garrison, part of the global 501st Legion – the largest  costuming organisation in the world!

Expect to see members of the group dressed as Sith Lords, Stormtroopers, TIE Pilots, Imperial Officers, Bounty Hunters and a host of other characters from popular film franchises.

They bring with them amazing sets and props ( provided by the Isle of Wight prop crew)

from the galaxy far far away. These are unmissable and jaw dropping.

These guys will be raising money for charity so come along to Fan TC Con and enjoy the fun !

Costumes and props may depend on availability of personnel.


Heroes of Scarrotts Lane, Newport will be selling amazing collectables and gift possibilities in our Geek Heaven market hall. All you need for Comics, Collectibles, POP! Vinyls and Gaming. They have also supported #FanTCCon from day 1.


Harry Potter and Batman fans we have a treat for you. Scary Face himself, Martin Ballantyne.

Martin was born in Norwich, England in 1972, where he grew up and still lives. He has always had a great interest in film and television.

After leaving Norwich City College and a succession of dead end jobs, he attended a film making course in 1997. He wrote and directed a short black and white film, using friends as actors.

A keen collector of film memorabilia, in 2000 he was approached by the BBC to take part in a documentary called 'The Price of Fame'.

At the beginning of 2005 a work colleague asked if he would be interested in appearing in a local theatre stage production. Martin agreed, and went on to play 7 different parts in a production of Vanity Fair.

Later In 2005, he was given a small role in the British film Cashback (2006), written and directed by Sean Ellis, which starred, among others, Sean Biggerstaff from the Harry Potter films. This appearance led to further small roles in films, including playing an 'Escort' in the British film Heroes and Villains (2006).

Martin then followed this with a featured Zombie Creature role, in the short horror film Gasoline Blood (2006). Written and directed by David Pope, this was followed up by him playing various 'Trollesunds' in the Nicole Kidman & Daniel Craig fantasy movie: The Golden Compass (2007) written by 'Phillip Pullman' and directed by Chris Weitz.

Martin then when onto work on the Matt Damon film, The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) which is the third film in the 'Bourne' series of films. Some small television roles followed, in particular the new 'Stephen Fry' series Kingdom (2009) (TV). Which is filmed in his home County of Norfolk.

Martin then went onto work on the new Batman film : The Dark Knight (2008) in which he plays one of the Jokers Henchman, along side the late Heath Ledger. This film was again directed by Christopher Nolan who also wrote it along with his brother Jonathan Nolan.

Martin then when onto work on the second series of Kingdom (2009) (TV), in which he plays 'Jason'.

After having worked with Warner Brother on the The Dark Knight (2008) they requested him for the new Harry Potter film: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009), in this film he plays a character called 'Scary Face'.

Martin then worked on the third series of Kingdom (2009) (TV) in which he reprised his role as 'Jason'.

He then worked on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1), in this film he played Mundungus Fletchers friend, opposite Andy Linden (Mundungus Fletcher).

After this film Martin decided to work on his own project, Logg Time, which he wrote. He is also co-directing and starring in the title role.


Aaron Isted is a talented and versatile Illusionist who started performing magic when he was 5 years old and has been performing to audiences since the age of 13. Since then he has attempted world records with his magic and has been featured widely in the press.

He is the closest thing we have to a real wizard on the Isle of Wight.

Over his career he has worked internationally including a tour of the USA in 2008 where he lectured and performed with the highlight of appearing on stage assisting David Copperfield in Las Vegas.

Since then he has been back to Las Vegas numerous times and has been on Stage with Penn & Teller and assisted David Copperfield again in 2018.

He has performed in many different locations from stage to street to black tie affairs. Aaron has even performed magic on the beach and became the first UK beach magician.

He has been asked numerous times to do Britains Got Talent but has always been away with work commitments.

Aaron adds that touch of Magic and Illusion to any party or wedding he attends. He has developed his art over the years and is an accomplished close up magician.
Also at home on stage with his act of Illusions he fits into any occasion.

His ability to tailor his performances and build special acts for clients such as his Dark Magician act for Wight Ghost, his Beach Magic act performed across the Isle of Wight or one of his own designed and hand built Illusions for special events has meant that he can provide a unique experience for every client to match their requirements.

Aaron has an extensive client list and has performed in front of thousands of people with his unique style of Magic and Illusion. He has built up his reputation by offering a professional service to each and every one of his clients.

Come and meet Aaron and see magic close up at #FanTCCon

Come and see this fellow, Davros - creator of The Daleks, although Terry Nation has also claimed that title along with Raymond Cusick. Davros himself has his own creator, Antony Griffiths. We are very lucky to have his talents available at #FanTCCon


Christopher Ryan is an actor, best known as Mike in The Young Ones, Dave Hedgehog in Bottom. Working on the hit TV comedy series Absolutely Fabulous and The Movie based on the series. He also has appeared in One Foot in the Grave and Only Fools and Horses.

Christopher has had the unique position of working with Four Doctors.

He has worked with Colin Baker, Paul McGann, David Tennant and Matt Smith's incarnations via on screen episodes and Big Finish audios.

He played Sontaran General Staal in "The Sontaran Stratagem" and "The Poison Sky" in Doctor Who, making him one of the rare actors to have played villains in both the classic and modern eras.

This year sees him reprising his role as Lord Kiv from "Trial of The Time Lord" alongside his co-star Nabil Shaban as once again the vile Sil. Out from Reeltime Pictures in Sil and The Devil Seeds of Arodor and keep an eye out for his interview DVD with The Myth Makers, also from Reeltime Pictures.


Come and meet him at #FanTCCon

Tickets available NOW!!! •

Photo ops available SOON!!!


Come and see K-9.
Voiced (mostly) by the amazing John Leeson, K-9 is the longest running character invented by Bob Baker and Dave Martin.
The character made its debut in the story Invisible Enemy alongside Tom Baker (The Doctor) and Louise Jameson (Leela). 
The character was sacked from Doctor Who in series 18. Had a spin-off story called K-9 and Company with Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith) then briefly returned for The Five Doctors.
After a long absence K-9 was dusted off, along with Sarah Jane, for the tenth Doctor story, School Reunion which led to more Doctor Who cameos and the spin off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.
In 2009 Bob Baker took the K-9 franchise to Australia where (in episode 1) K-9's body "regenerated" but he kept his distinctive voice.
There have been several K-9s built over the years. MkI by Professor Marius.
MkII by The Doctor after MkI stayed with Leela on Gallifrey. 
MkIII by The Doctor as a gift to Sarah Jane Smith.
MkIV again by The Doctor for Sarah Jane after its predecessor sacrificed itself.
Our version was built by Antony Griffiths and is being brought along to the event by his owner Veejay.

Come and meet K-9 at #FanTCCon


John Leeson has been the voice of the various incarnations of The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith's iconic robot dog, K-9 since its introduction in 1977.
We are absolutely thrilled to welcome the actor behind one of the most enduring voices in Sci-Fi history to #FanTCCon


Just the mere mention of the word cake gets the taste buds going. I don't know anyone who doesn't like cake so Island Cake Studio are on a winner.
They can make a cake for any event and of any shape or design and they will be at #FanTCCon to satisfy your sweet tooth


The Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker.
The icing on the cake for The Lord of Time mini con is that we will be in the presence of The Doctor (well one of him).
Colin Baker occupied The TARDIS between 1984 and 1986 but first appeared in Doctor Who in 1983 as Commander Maxil in the 5th Doctor story, Arc of Infinity.
He is a veteran television actor, appearing in The Brothers, Blakes 7, Casualty, Hollyoaks and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, finishing 8th.
We are honoured to have a Time Lord at #FanTCCon


Jennie Linden appeared as Barbara in the 1965 box office success Dr. Who and the Daleks, the movie spin off from the successful BBC TV series.

She went on to win the accademy award for best newcomer for her roll in Women in Love - her co-star, Glenda Jackson won the Oscar for her roll.

She is a veteran of British TV and film and we are delighted she is attending Fan TC Con.


Josh Herdman is recognised world-wide as Gregory Goyle, one of Draco Malfoy's croneys in all eight Harry Potter movies. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets he played Harry while under the influence of polyjuice potion. We are very excited he is coming to Fan TC Con.


Masters of Lego show off their amazing creations and is basically Lego for adults but kids can play as well.


Comicoffee are the perfect providers of food and drink for a trade and comic convention.


The Plaza Ices will be saving some lives with their delicious range of ice creams.


That Shop of Cowes sell collectables of all types of pop culture fandom.


Minifigure Montage are fantastic frames using detailed minifigures. You can buy pre-made or have personalised to your choice.... 


Celebrity Signatures specialise in signed memorabila from icons of Pop Cultire.


Actor David Fynn has appeared in Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Peep Show, Inbetweeners, Spooks and the School of Rock stage show are also some of the many things onhis CV. #FanTCCon will be his only UK convention.


Hel Fyre Crafts make lots of hand made key fobs, bookmarks, small bags.


Hennadesigner Tamanna will cater for you henna tattoo needs at Fan TC Con


Louise at Glitter People does all things glitter for your body. Such fun, especially if you have a beard.


Dan Digby is quickly building up a reputation as a top graphic artist. He also designed our mascot, Cosplay girl.


Cineworld Newport will be at Fan TC Con to promote their Unlimited pass and raise money for Children in Need.


SPARKLES SAND ART BOTTLES - speaks for itself really. 

Suzie has 8 colours and uses colours balls as well, she has a large range of bottles the start from £2 up £7 There will also be  keyrings and Necklaces


Will take place at 9PM and sets off right outside the entrance to#FanTCCon. We plan to have as many cosplayers as possible walking the route with all the floats and fun-goers in the carnival. Remember it is an illuminated event so light yourself up somehow. Glow sticks, Christmas lights, sonic screwdrivers or lightsabres. Cowes Carnival committee will be present all weekend at Fan TC Con so let's extend day one and finish off with a walk around Cowes and possibly a pint in a local pub dressed in your costume. Meet in Crossfield Avenue by 8PM for judging.

Carnivals are struggling to stay alive on the Isle of Wight at the moment and we at Fan TC Con thoroughly supports carnivals everywhere.


Fan TC Con is delighted to be able to announce that Velile Tshabalala is appearing at the event.

Velilie is known for portraying Kareesha Lopez in Kerching! and Rosita in the 2008 Doctor Who special, "The Next Doctor". She appeared in 12 episodes of Class Dismissed between 2006-08.

Velile has also appeared in Misfits and Call the Midwife.


DC Comics favourites Supergirl, Wonder Woman and The Flash will be appearing courtesy for cosplay professionals, The Character Company.


Wight Island is a hub for gamers on the Isle of Wight! We stock sci-fi and fighting fantasy books, board and card games, t-shirts and hoodies, K-pop merchandise and more! Find them at 8 High Street, Sandown and at Fan TC Con

Our Kidz Zone now has a new Captain at the helm - shiver mi timbers - arrrrr its Captain Nash...

CNPA kids zone

£3.50 per child all day admission in to the zone.
Childe must be supervised at all times by a parent or garden wilts taking part in the zone.

Zone includes ...

Shipwreck cove: an inflatable pirate ship ball pit.
Secret pirate camp: in the pirate camp there are lots of existing games, activates and crafts.

Games all-day 
Giant nots and crosses.
Pop up pirate.
Rat in a brail.
Cannon ball ally

Activates time table 
12noon to 1.00pm - Sword school lessons. 
2.00pm to 3.00pm - Treasure hunt.
4.00pm to 5.00pm - walk the plank.


Colour in a pirate, fairy, ladybird, butterfly or unicorn mask
Pirate Adventure crafts sheets.
Macke your won parrot. 
Macke a telescope. 
And lots more….

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